What is a Noun?

Learning Outcomes:

  • To identify nouns within the text of Who is Your Friend?
  • To explain what makes a noun a noun.


A noun is a word that is the name of something (such as a person, animal, place, thing, quality, idea, or action). Nouns can be found as titles, labels, and in sentences, among other places.

You need:

  • Who is Your Friend? book.
  • Support printable – What is a Noun? You can use this or write on a whiteboard or paper instead.
  • Videos & Other Resources.

Learning Progress

  1. Read through the first sentence It’s a great big world and we all need a friend.
  2. Identify the nouns world (place) and friend (person) and write a big N over the top of each word.
  3. Read through the second sentence In the circle of life, we have friends until the end.
  4. Identify together the nouns by asking the question – is it a person, animal, place, thing, quality, idea, or action?
  5. Check you have found: circle (thing), life (idea), friends (person / people), and end (quality / place). Write N above each noun that you found and the ones you didn’t.
  6. Repeat for the next two sentences with as much or as little support as needed and then check which ones were found and label the missing ones with N.
  7. Continue with more sentences if you wish.