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Language Arts

An Introduction to Our Curriculum Approach

Our Who Is Your Friend? curriculum has been planned and created by experienced educators using official guidance to keep it in line with educational standards.

You should try not to over-simplify the terminology used. Children can absorb an amazing amount of new information, even things that we, as adults may have forgotten, or never fully understood ourselves.

This is the general approach to each learning session:

  1. Introduce a new concept and model the activity for the child.
  2. Carry out a similar activity together with the child, repeating the approach.
  3. Check the accuracy of ‘answers’ and fill in gaps with a no fail approach.
  4. Allow the child to attempt the activity independently, again filling in gaps and errors afterwards.

The curriculum follows an easier to harder flow, introducing new concepts as you work through, but each activity stands alone and can be used alone or omitted.

Printable / printed support sheets are provided, although most activities can be carried out by using a white board or paper instead. Activities can often also be 100% practical with no paper needs, just discussion. We suggest however that having a folder and adding the completed activities to it will foster several benefits:

  • A sense of pride for the child in work completed.
  • A preparation for the need to independently organize work in the future.
  • A useful and easy to manage source of record keeping for the parent / tutor.
  • A way to share progress with family members or even a new school or teacher in the future.

Many activities are relatively short, maybe 30 minutes, and could even be chopped up into multiple smaller sessions, or added together to make longer ones. This is all created to guide you through extracting as much educational value and skills from Who is Your Friend? In addition to enjoying its important environmental and social messages.

More curriculum areas are coming soon.

Language Arts Curriculum

Our Who Is Your Friend? Language Arts curriculum.

Following the standards for national Language Arts (grammar) education, our curriculum includes the following areas of study:

  • nouns
  • plurals
  • verbs
  • collective nouns
  • adjectives
  • adverbs
  • punctuation
  • alliteration
  • synonyms
  • antonyms
  • onomatopoeia
  • tense

The curriculum is broadly aimed at 6 to 9 year olds but can be used for any child for which the book is interesting and the level of activity is relevant.

You can also take most of these lessons and activities and adjust them to use with your own favorite books.

Visual Arts Curriculum

Enjoy our free Who Is Your Friend? Visual Arts activity.

The curriculum is growing!

Mathematics Curriculum

Our Who Is Your Friend? Mathematics curriculum is GROWING!

Our mathematics curriculum covers a wide breadth of subjects. We have used the correct mathematical language and concepts wherever possible, making them tangible and interesting. The activities are at various levels and so you can pick and choose the ones that work for you and your child, adapting them to suit as you wish, and giving as much or as little help as you deem necessary. Enjoy!


Areas of Study:

  • Number - counting, addition, and subtraction
  • Word Problems
  • Fractions and division
  • Multiplication and skip counting
  • Data handling
  • Measurement
  • Algebra, including pre-algebra

Ecology Curriculum

Our Who Is Your Friend? Ecology curriculum.

Please check out our first activities on The Life Cycle of Our Monarch Friend.